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Contact information

You can reach us at the contact@eddiemosa.com email.

how do i return my bought good(s)

When you are not happy with the product you bought you can always bring or send it back. The product needs to be send back within 2 weeks after recieving it. It has to be in its original packing, unwashed and without signs of wear. When sending it back to us you have to pay the shipping costs yourself. Send a email to cotact@eddiemosa.com to inform us that you are sending something back, when we recieve it in the right state you will get reimbursed.

How long does it take to recieve my order?

All orders we take are “pre-orders”. That means that we still have to make the product that you’ve ordered. When we recieve a order the cloting that we use for our brand will be bought and shipped to us. We will then screenprint your chosen print on the clothing and it will be ready for shipping. When shipped you will recieve an email with the track & trace code. The whole proces will approximately take 1/2 weeks.